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Job Category : Software Engineer

Position Description

As a database administrator’s (DBA) primary job is to ensure that data is available, protected from loss and corruption, easily accessible as needed. DBA needs to know potential weaknesses of the database software and the company’s overall system and work to minimise risks. The DBA needs to know how large the database currently is and how fast it is growing in order to make predictions about future needs. Performance monitoring shows where the database should be tweaked to operate as efficiently as possible. The physical configuration, the way the database is indexed, and how queries are handled can all have a dramatic effect on database performance.

  • Installing and upgrading the database server and application tool.
  • Allocating system storage and planning storage requirements for the database system.
  • Modifying the database structure, as necessary, from information given by application developers.
  • Enrolling users and maintaining system security.
  • Ensuring compliance with database license agreement.
  • Controlling and monitoring user access to the database.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database.
  • Planning for backup and recovery of database information.
  • Maintaining archived data.
  • Backing up and restoring databases.
  • Generating various reports by querying from database as per need.
  • Managing and monitoring data replication.
  • Acting as liaison with users.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Understanding concept and architecture of Cluster Database at least one of 3 RDBMS : Galera or Percona Xtradb Cluster, MongoDB Cluster, and PostgreSQL Cluster or Replication.
  • Understanding backup and recovery concept of Database (Full Backup, Incremental Backup, PITR).
  • Understanding concept of building effectiveness of SQL query. (Tuning and Security).
  • Ability to use multiple scripting.
  • Experienced on linux platform.

Required Skills

Is a Plus :

  • Experienced on storage and OS layer administration.
  • Experienced on Ansible.
  • Experienced on OpenShift (Docker and Container).

Job Summary

Job Type :


Location :

STO Telkom Kebayoran. Jalan Sisingamangaraja No. 4 Selong, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, 12110


Database, Architecture, Galera, MongoDB Cluster, PostgreSQL Cluster

CODEX Powered by Telkom Indonesia

lokasiSTO Telkom Kebayoran. Jalan Sisingamangaraja No. 4 Selong, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, 12110
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