Mobile Android Developer

PT. Indi Teknokreasi Internasional (INDI Technology)

Job Category : Mobile Development

Position Description

Builds an android mobile app using those technologies: Java, Kotlin, React Native, or Java.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Senior High School or Vocational High School graduates

Required Skills

  • Understanding mobile programming basic concepts.
  • Understanding how to connect API.
  • Understanding minimum one design pattern (MVP or MVVM).
  • Able to operate Git and work in group or team collaboration.

Job Summary

Job Type :


Location :

Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi No. 1 RT. 006/ RW. 007, Jakarta - 13430


Java, Kotlin, React Native, API, Full-time

PT. Indi Teknokreasi Internasional (INDI Technology)

lokasiJl. Pahlawan Revolusi No. 1 RT. 006/ RW. 007, Jakarta - 13430
kategoriTeknologi Informasi

INDI Technology is an Information Technology company that provides consulting, design, development, and maintenance services.

INDI Technology has experience in providing IT-based solutions to overcome problems in various fields, such as marketing, education, entertainment, social, and government.

Becoming the leading IT company with 3 core mission : Tech solution, Innovation Development, and Talent Development.

We have 6 IT Services Solution : Mobile Development, Web Development, System Development, Cyber Security, Internet of things, and Digital Marketing.


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