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lokasiRuko Permata Regensi, Jl. H. Kelik D No 37 Jakarta Barat 11630

About The Company

Anantarupa Studios is a digital content developer. We run the business since 2011 in Jakarta. We create games and applications for marketing purposes and also our own intellectual Property projects. Anantarupa means infinite faces in Sanskrit, inspired by seminal work “Hero with A Thousand Face” by Joseph Campbell. It depicts what we can do for creative projects and creative possibilities with new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We explore and execute creative ideas, build concept, develop digital products and re-introduce culture in exciting new ways.


  • The word “Anantarupa” is a Sanskrit word meaning “A limitless Face” which can be interpreted as limitless creativity.
  • Anantarupa Studios was established in 2011 and is based in Jakarta as game/application developers for business, including AR and VR. -Since its founding in 2011, Anantarupa Studios has received many awards, one of which is a MURI record award for the first VR Museum and VR Vacation Platform in Indonesia.
  • We developed the game LOKAPALA: Saga Of the Six Realms, the first eSports Game from SEA (South Eath Asia).
  • Our team always put effort and is ambitious in honing our abilities so that we can continue to be better.

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